That’s My Robot is owned and operated by a dedicated couple ready to teach and spark STEM interest in everyone’s life.  Jeb was a former High School Technology Teacher and Brittany is a Special Education teacher with experience as a Makerspace/STEM and Math Teacher.  Both, Jeb and Brittany, have a passion for encouraging people of all ages and experience levels to grow and tinker with technology in a safe and encouraging environment.

By providing STEM products and education to all generations now, we will grow the STEM foundation for future Generation! 

Brittany Linburg

Jeb Linburg



At That’s My Robot, our vision is to engage minds in the pursuit of building and programming robots. We strongly believe that our future is important and that robotics will be a part of that future.


We partner with some of the most innovative companies to build simple, yet intricate designs. By partnering with those companies, we expand the ways for children, and adults, to transform their futures!


We encourage those with the same mindset to pursue the advancement and education of technology and robotics. We value the creativity that everyone has to offer and encourage them to share that creativity with others.

Create Fun!

We value the impact that everyone provides and encourage success and happiness. We believe that fun is what fuels advancement and creates the juices required for creativity. We focus strongly on positive encouragement and downplay negativity out of competition.

Why Choose Us

With a 1-2 day processing time, our orders are shipping quickly, safely, and as requested.

We have a simple and easy return policy for products.

We are here to help, from product to classes; even supporting events when requested.


Vending events are your chance to engage with us and look at the products we have to offer. These events take place a local fairs, festivals, arts and craft shows, etc. These events also provide you with discounts that are only offered at the event and not online. We do also offer contests and promotions to get “free” products at these events; but you have to attend to know what the deal is. We provide free information, demonstrations using specific products, short YouTube movies on others, and answer any questions you may have.
For more information, please stop by or contact us via email or phone! Our information is available on our Contact page.


Many people purchase products and have a hard time understanding how to use them. Our programs are geared to take you to the next step. You will not just purchase a product, but learn how to use it and in turn gain a great experience